Click through to see my unboxing and video flick through of Dromenvanger, Dutch edition of Zemlja Snova by Tomislav Tomic

Dromenvanger (Dutch edition of Zemlja Snova) Unboxing and Video Flick Through

Disclaimer – Please read this disclosure about my use of affiliate links which are contained within this post.
Today I received two copies of Dromenvanger, the Dutch edition of Zemlja Snova. I will be running a Worldwide Giveaway for a copy soon (subscribe to my blog and to my FB page for updates about this) as well as reviewing it and posting a comparison about the similarities and differences between this and Zemlja Snova. Below you can see my unboxing video and a silent video flick-through of the book.

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  1. Thank you for this – I am very excited and can’t wait till I get my pre ordered copy from book depository.
    I heard you say that in the original book (which I have) there are THREE double page spreads that were mixed up. I sort of wrecked my book by pulling out one section to swap it around to be in correct alignment with the fairy page but never realized that there is a third mistake!!! Are you able to tell me what that one is please.


    1. Hi Lorraine, you’re very welcome! So, the three spreads were the one I stopped on in the video where the head is on the left and the tail curls over on the right, the fairy spread, and the spread where the dragon is lying down with his tail curving round on the left and his head curves round on the right, he’s very long and thin and some mistook the tail end as a brick wall when it wasn’t matched up. If you join my FB fan group we have an album list in the Notes section and you can then find the pictures, they’re all listed with double sets of page numbers instead of single sets so they’re easily identifiable, I’m not able to add them to comments, sorry! And, well spotted about the lack of flaps! There are lots of other small differences, 20 that I’ve found so far, so I’ve got a busy evening writing the post and then recording the video tomorrow hopefully so you can all see the differences. It’s definitely worth having Dromenvanger, even though you have Zemlja Snova, the paper is a different colour and a bit thicker and it’s lovely having another opportunity to colour the pages! Happy Colouring!


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