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The Fractured Art of Tiffany Budd Colouring Book – A Review

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The Fractured Art of Tiffany Budd Colouring Book: Create your own colourway! is illustrated, self-published and was kindly sent to me by Tiffany Budd. Tiffany is an artist who created her own technique for paintings which she calls “Fractured”. This is a great description for how her artwork looks as the object of the image is obvious but the scene is altered by the large fractures across it which distort the picture. Tiffany was asked a number of times by fans of her work if she’d create a colouring book of her paintings and she managed to eventually fit it in around raising her children (no mean feat at all and, no corners were cut in this process either).  The book itself is just shy of A4 size, paperback and glue-bound. The images are all printed single-sided with a border around them so none of the image is lost into the spine. This means that you can use whatever mediums you like with no worries about bleed-through and you can also remove the pages afterwards and gift or frame them. This book contains 20 of Tiffany’s original paintings all hand-drawn with the colour removed so you can either copy her colour scheme or create your own masterpiece and switch up the colours. The first page in the book is a colour copy of miniatures of all of the included paintings so that you can see what they looked like originally which is great for those of you that might need a little bit of colour inspiration. Each image is titled to give you a clue of what’s included in the slightly more abstract images and some are portrait and others are landscape. A wide variety of themes is included from landscapes to leaves, cityscapes to still life and my personal favourite, a Stormtrooper from Star Wars! All of the images are beautifully drawn and are great to colour with pencils or pens or you can venture out and try your hand with more challenging mediums like paints or watercolours because these images having originally been paintings, really do lend themselves to more fluid mediums. The paper is bright white and fairly thin with a little bit of tooth so it’s well-suited to most mediums.

In terms of mental health, this book is ideal because most of the images are nature-based which is great for calming the mind and keeping you grounded. The colour page at the beginning showing the original paintings is really helpful for those of us who are anxious colourers who struggle with choosing colours. You can see how it looks when coloured how Tiffany originally painted it, and this may inspire you to completely copy her colour scheme, reverse it, pick a limited colour palette or even just go it alone and colour it however you’re feeling at the time. The line thickness is the same throughout and is thin but not very thin so it is a little forgiving so you don’t need perfect vision or fine motor control to be able to enjoy this book. The pictures are made up of lots of small sections but they don’t feel overly intricate or detailed and you can easily use colour washes with watercolours or really pick out small details so it’s certainly a book that adapts to your concentration levels and ability on any given day. I found the book really calming to use and it was a great time to test my brand new Derwent Inktense pencils which I will review at a later date. The watercolour pencils I felt worked brilliantly with the watery landscape image I chose and I was pretty pleased with it for a first go! The images are very cohesive because of the fractured way they’re drawn, despite having a number of quite varied subjects depicted.

I would highly recommend this book for those of you that would like to venture into watercolour or using watercolour pencils, the images are really unusual and very calming and the sample page at the front is great for helping out anxious colourers with colour schemes.

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The image below was coloured using Derwent Inktense coloured pencils and then painted over with water.