H for Horatio’s Garden – A Review

Following on from my review of The Horatio’s Garden Colouring Book, I bring you a review of a second book, the first created by the hugely talented, Catalina Willis. This book isn’t a colouring book but please don’t stop reading, this book is very small but very mighty and those of you who read my review of her colouring book will know that these books are being sold for a truly wonderful and worthwhile cause. For those not already aware, Catalina was inspired to create the books in memory of her Godmother’s son, Horatio, who very sadly died in 2011, aged 17, killed by a polar bear on an expedition to Svalbard. Horatio had planned to be a doctor and did voluntary work in a spinal treatment centre where his father worked, he realised there was a need for accessible gardens and set about helping create these, three have already been created in his memory with a further eight planned so that all 11 NHS spinal injury centres will have one, the proceeds from sales of this book will go directly towards this worthy cause.

This book is small at 15cm square, paperback, and has a yellowy-green cover. The book is printed double-sided, in full colour and is very high quality throughout. The content is described as “A whimsical romp around the 27 letters of the English alphabet, through the eyes of Catalina Willis” and the book does exactly what it says on the tin, each double-page spread is dedicated to a letter of the alphabet, each symbolising something beginning with that letter e.g. O for Outer Space, T for Togetherness, and most importantly, H for Horatio’s Garden. The pages are filled with quirky drawings, fun characters, whimsy, and lots of humour. It’s honestly a delight to look through and will make children and adults laugh as they journey through the alphabet. As for mental health benefits, what could be better than something that makes you laugh and smile? Catalina’s drawings are charming, characterful and they have a lovely naïve and child-like quality but with a true artist’s finesse added to them so fantastic for cheering you up and brightening your day, especially with all of the bright and vivid colours she’s used.

Overall, this is a lovely book, ideal for children and adults, and being sold for a truly fantastic cause, what have you got to lose? I can’t recommend it highly enough, it’s super cute, funny, and just adorable.

If you’d like to purchase a copy, it’s available on the Horatio’s Garden charity website here.

Can’t get enough of Catalina’s artwork? Check out my review of her gorgeous colouring book which you can bring to life with your own beautiful colours.


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