Nautical Adventures: Art Colouring Book – A Review

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Nautical Adventures Art Colouring Book for Adults is illustrated by Sandra Rushton, and published and kindly sent to me to review by Katy Sue Designs – This is the company’s first foray into the adult colouring world and they are much better known for designing and manufacturing award-winning silicone moulds for use in cake decorating and papercraft projects. For a first pair of adult colouring books, these are very impressive – see my review of their other book here.

This book is paperback, spiral-bound and printed single-sided meaning that the book lies flat for easy colouring and you can use whatever mediums you fancy without fearing about the dreaded bleed-through. The paper is bright white and very thick, almost card-like, making it ideal for use with pens and pencils and it’s likely to hold up to careful watercolour and even alcohol markers (these will bleed-through but pop a protective sheet behind and you’re good to go). The book contains 70 images which are split into 10 co-ordinating collections, each within the theme. Each collection starts with two identical shaded images, followed by two unshaded images identical to each other and the first pair, followed by 3 pages of co-ordinating patterns (see photos below which make this clearer to understand). Unlike most other colouring books, this one is horizontal and the images all have cutting guides on them so that you can remove images and carefully cut them so that they can be used in craft projects, be framed, or given as gifts – the cut images measure 8×8 inches. The images are all illustrated by the same person so the book feels really cohesive and has a lovely flow. This book is filled with images of all things nautical, there are 10 different boat images including gondolas, luxury yachts, pirate ships, fishing boats and even a shipwreck. The co-ordinating patterns include compasses, life jackets, anchors, fish, ship’s wheels, treasure and even Venetian masks.

In terms of mental health, this book feels very calming and relaxing. The line thickness is consistent throughout and is thin so you will need fairly good vision and fine motor control to get the most out of this book. It’s a great book for all abilities from beginners to experts. This book is an Art book which aims to teach you a little about shading and light sources with the shading on the first two images of each collection, you can then use these placements for colouring with darker and lighter shades on the two unshaded copies to practice blending and creating shadows and depth. The co-ordinating patterns which include many of the accessories and objects included in the main image are great for practising how you want to colour them so that when you colour the main image you’ve had a chance to try out colour schemes and shading. The huge mental health benefit is the fact that the main images are printed twice each meaning that you can try out different colour combinations and also that you’ve got a second copy if you go wrong or don’t like how the first one turns out. It also means you can keep a copy and gift one, or both, or frame one and keep one in the book, the list of possibilities goes on. The images are all fairly detailed and intricate which means they’re very absorbing and useful for staving off anxious thoughts and lifting your mood while you’re being creative. The nature of the images all being nautical means that they’re very calming and are great for practising your blending and shading to show things like movement in the water, the shine on the side of the boat and the rounded shape of the life ring. This book would probably be best suited to using pencils or blendable markers but fineliners would work well too, they just wouldn’t show up shading in the unshaded images. This book is also ideal for male colourers because it’s not full of girly subject matter, it’s something men can get their teeth into and really get colouring the propellers realistically and get it all ship-shape.

I’d highly recommend this book to those of you that want to learn a little more about shading and those of you who love all things nautical! It’s a great book for male and female colourers and it’s sure to improve your shading and get you learning about how to colour images to look 3D. This is an ideal book to incorporate into craft projects, gift coloured images to others, frame and put up on your wall, or just leave as it is with all of your beautiful coloured images held together in one book. It’s really substantial and made with good quality paper so what are you waiting for? Jump aboard, and get colouring!

If you’d like to purchase a copy then here are the links:
Amazon UK – Nautical Adventures Art Colouring Book for Adults
Book Depository Worldwide –

If you’d like to see a video flip-through of the book, click here.

The image below was coloured using Faber-Castell Polychromos Pencils and Stabilo Point 88 Fineliners.

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