The Art of Mindfulness: Serene and Tranquil Colouring – A Review

Disclaimer – Please read this disclosure about my use of affiliate links which are contained within this post.
The Art of Mindfulness: Serene and Tranquil Colouring is published and was very kindly sent to me for review by Michael O’Mara Books. This book is by far the most varied title within the series. It contains a huge spectrum of images within the natural and patterned themes that these books are based on. There are images of birds, leaves, feathers, flowers, fish, trees, butterflies, turtles, weather and loads more. The patterns are also really varied from yin yang symbols to waves, zentangle clouds to tree bark style patterns and so much more. This truly is an “everything in one colouring book” sort of book and would be fantastic for a beginner colourer so they can find their feet and pick out genres they like to colour. This title also has the widest ranging level of intricacy and detail from teeny tiny images that you’ll need the finest of fineliners for, to much chunkier images that will easily be coloured using felt-tips. The line thickness also varies drastically from spindly thin to medium/thick. I’ve tried to show a real cross-section of the images in the photos below so that you can get a feel for the book. This book is ideal for those of you with fluctuating conditions who can cope with intricacy some days and need much simpler images on others and the best thing is that all of that variety is in one book. This book will adapt to your concentration level and you’ll be able to find something suitable to colour no matter how good or bad you’re feeling.

To read my reviews of other titles in this series and for more general information about the books themselves including size, binding style and line thickness click here.

The image below was coloured using Stabilo Point 88 Fineliners which did bleed through to the reverse image.

The Art of Mindfulness: Serene and Tranquil Colouring – Buy it here from Amazon UK – Buy it here from Book Depository

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