Art Therapy: Aztecs and Mayas – A Review

Disclaimer – Please read this disclosure about my use of affiliate links which are contained within this post.
Art Therapy: Aztecs and Mayas: 100 Designs Colouring in and Relaxation is a new title in the Art Therapy series published by Jacqui Small LLP. I knew nothing about Aztecs and Mayas before getting this book other than the miscalculated end of world date so it was an education looking through this book and seeing the art that is unlike any I’ve seen. I’ve now researched Aztec and Maya art and this book really is the go-to book for these themes. It contains loads of images that are similar to those found in sculpture, drawings, murals and pottery from the time as well as showing animals from Mexico and Aztec architecture. This book contains a huge variety of images from scenes of architecture, animals, plants and food, to patterns and friezes and images of people that would have been found on pottery and in sculpture (see pictures below).

In terms of mental health, this book has a variance in line thickness and level of detail and intricacy so, as with all of the others in this series, it’s ideal for those of you with fluctuating conditions. The line thickness varies from thin to medium (most other titles in the series vary much more than this) so you do need fairly good vision and fine motor control but it doesn’t need to perfect in order to enjoy the book. Some of the images are very detailed and intricate but the majority are more open with a larger amount of space to practice shading and blending. The images aren’t especially calming or relaxing, they’re much more aimed at those with an interest in colouring Aztec and Maya art than at specifically calming you down but the nature-themed images contained within are definitely more calming than most so it’s fairly hit and miss in that respect and definitely more geared towards fans of the content rather than relaxation.

I would recommend this book to those of you with an interest in Aztec or Maya art so take a trip back through history and enjoy colouring art from 700 years ago. For more information about the Art Therapy series including paper quality and binding style, and other titles in the series, click here.

If you’d like to purchase a copy of this book then you can find it here:
Amazon UK – Art Therapy: Aztecs and Mayas: 100 Designs Colouring in and Relaxation.
Book Depository Worldwide –

The image below was coloured using Marco Fine Oil-Based Pencils.

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