Colour Me Mindful: Tropical – A Review

Disclaimer – Please read this disclosure about my use of affiliate links which are contained within this post.
Colour Me Mindful: Tropical (Colour Me Mindful Colouring Bk) contains 50 images of all things tropical. It really covers all the bases with waterfalls, sunsets, surfboards, cocktails, and heaps of animals including snakes, birds, beetles, butterflies, and so many others. The images are all drawn in a very thin line which means very sharp pencils or fineliners are essential to enjoy this book. This book will certainly help to colour you mindful because the intricacy and detail of the drawings lend themselves perfectly to keeping you focused and occupied and grounded in the present moment. Despite being small, the images take plenty of time to complete and really do keep you busy for hours. The images all feel very positive and include images of nature which are inherently very calming. They also incorporate an element of zentangle with patterns all over each animal that create small spaces to colour within or to colour over if that’s too much detail for your liking. The pictures are fairly realistic in their outlines but then a little less so with the patterns within so you are free to colour using realistic or outlandish colour schemes and either would work equally well on these beautiful drawings. There is no writing on the pages but some have spaces where you could easily add your own patterns or animals to truly make this book your own.

For more information about the book itself including size, paper quality etc and about the other titles in the series click here.

If you’d like to purchase a copy of this book, it’s available on Amazon via the following link. Colour Me Mindful: Tropical (Colour Me Mindful Colouring Bk)

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