Just Add Color: Botanicals – A Review

Disclaimer – Please read this disclosure about my use of affiliate links which are contained within this post.

This book is published by Rockport, a sub-company of Quarto Publishing who kindly sent me a copy to review. Just Add Color: Botanicals is a lovely hand-drawn book  with stylised images of flowers, plants. The pictures are all illustrated by Lisa Congdon giving the book a lovely cohesive style. They are all drawn with medium/thin black lines so you will need a fair amount of fine motor control so that you don’t colour over the lines. There are a few small areas such as leaves or flower centres but this is not an intricate or finely detailed book so you don’t need perfect vision or huge amounts of concentration to be able to enjoy this book and get a calming or relaxing experience from it. This book is perfectly suited to any colouring medium because the images are printed one-sided so you don’t need to worry about bleeding. You could use sharpies or alcohol-markers with no issues, as well as felt-tips, fineliners, gel pens and colouring pencils. The pages are perforated meaning they can be removed to make colouring easier or afterwards so you can display your work. This book has a lovely style and while the images are not realistic looking they are of natural flowers and plants and I personally find nature images the most calming to colour in. The pictures are charming and have a cartoon-esque quality to them so you could colour them in realistic colours or mix things up with blue leaves, black petals and green centres, it really is up to you! The paper and print quality are exceptional and you’re really getting a book that has been well put together and thought about rather than a rushed job where the paper or image quality has suffered. This book is a great purchase for those of you who like natural images, particularly those with an interest in flowers and plants or those who prefer to colour things that are less realistic and allow your imagination to run wild. If you would like to get yourself a copy then head over to Amazon via this link Just Add Color: Botanicals. The image below was coloured using Marco Raffine coloured pencils.

For general review information about the Just Add Color series and information about other titles in the series click here.

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