Art Therapy: Mandalas – A Review

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I have to ‘fess up here and state, for the record, that I’m not a fan of mandalas after colouring far too many over a 9-week hospital stay when I was 17 – I’m mandala’d out! This would suggest that I wouldn’t like this book however, it’s so much more than just mandalas and as with the others in the Art Therapy series, it’s packed full of beautifully intricate and detailed patterns. Gone are the manadals we’re all used to that consist of a patterned circle in the middle of a blank page. Instead, we still have the circular design but also a beautifully designed background to colour as well meaning no more gaping white spaces which always felt a little bit of a con to me in a colouring book! The book begins with a brief description of what mandalas are and where they originally came from and how they can be used to aid mediation today. It then continues into 100 stunning designs of mandalas and calming patterns. Do be aware, that not all of the images are of mandalas, as you’ll see in the sample images below, the majority are mandalas or mandala-esque but there are also many pages that include patterns, flowers and images of Tibetan or Hindu symbolism and Gods. This book is unlike any of the mandala books I’ve seen so far and if you’re going to buy just one then personally, I’d make it this one. The content is so varied and the addition of intricately drawn backgrounds and patterns makes it a must-have for all of you mandala fans out there. In terms of your mental health, it’s a sure-fire winner because the emphasis of mandalas is to focus the mind, practice mediation and consequently aid mindfulness thus quieting the thought processes and worries and anxieties about the world. This book has a wonderful level of detail, more than enough to keep you occupied, focused and distracted, but not so much that if you’re feeling anxious it will increase your discomfort. The line thickness varies throughout meaning you’ll easily be able to find an image to colour that matches your level of concentration or visual accuity on any given day. This is great for those of us with fluctuating conditions or whose colouring is majorly affected by things like anxiety level (because of visual and fine motor control changes) or even physical symptoms including tremors  or blurred vision. The whole of the Art Therapy series is well-designed for fluctuation and because of this it doesn’t feel samey as each book contains so much variety.

You can get your copy here:

Art Therapy: Mandalas: 100 Designs for Colouring in and Meditation– Amazon UK – Book Depository Worldwide

The image below was coloured using Marco Raffine coloured pencils and Stabilo Point 88 Fineliners.

For more information about the Art Therapy series including other books and paper quality etc visit this post.

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