Art Therapy: Stained Glass – A Review

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This is a lovely book filled with a huge range of different stained glass windows. Some are religious, some contain scenes and others include views of nature. One of my favourite aspects of the book is the fact that all of the images are of real stained glass windows and the book contains a key at the back stating where each window can be found. I discovered that if you google the information you can then find images of the original window and use that colour scheme to add colour to your image without having to stress over colour choices. I know many of us, me included, can spend hours agonising over which colour to use for an image and this often stops us from starting colouring because we’re so worried about making a mistake or it not looking like we’d imagined. Having a ready-existing colour scheme takes away all of that stress and worry because you already know what it’ll look like and it almost turns it into a colour by numbers. You can see my take on this below with an image of the original window and my take on it. This book is perfect for those of you who are anxious colourers and those who simply want to zone out and colour and not have to think about picking out colour schemes and making them work. The image outline thickness ranges from thin and delicate to very bold and black (see photos below) meaning there are loads of different levels of difficulty and that it adapts to your level of concentration – if your vision or hand control are affected you’ll still be able to find an image to colour that you won’t accidentally colour over the lines of. This book is well suited to felt-tips to give a really vibrant effect, coloured pencils to give a softer more translucent effect as if light is shining through the window, and watercolours to give it a realistic glassy effect. The image I coloured below was coloured using the Faber-Castell Aquarelle watercolour pencils which I then painted lightly over with a wet brush. Be careful when using watercolours as this isn’t watercolour paper so it does crinkle a bit if you get it too wet and I’d advise placing some spare paper or card underneath to avoid ruining subsequent pages. I love the effect it gave and this was only my second attempt at watercolour so give it a go!

You can get your copy at this link-Art Therapy: Stained Glass: 100 Designs for Colouring in and Relaxation.– Amazon UK – Book Depository Worldwide

For more information about the Art Therapy series including other books and paper quality etc visit this post.

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  1. Adult coloring books are stirring some interest here and this book I really liked too. I found this a couple of months ago and went on adult coloring books haul. Lolz. It was great to research the net for these stained glass windows and follow the color schemes. I haven’t tried using watercolor but will keep in mind your suggestion. 😀


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